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There are two different types of Sports Foreign Language Immersion Study Abroad Programs for Teens.

1) Emphasizes the Sport in the selected country.  Many sports are available.  There are many Sports Camps with an international student body.  Language lessons in the language spoken in the country may or may not be part of the program.  In many cases, students studying English are mixed with students of other nationalities.

2) Emphasizes lessons in the language of the country where the program takes place.  Some programs offer language lessons + soccer, language lessons + surfing, language lessons + tennis, language lessons + sailing, etc.  The emphasis is on the language lessons, not on the sports.

FLSAS encourages students to study in option 2).  FLSAS emphasizes programs that improve Foreign Language Proficiency, and does not offer option 1).

In the description of each program, if the program has a sports option – either as an extra activity or included in the cost – it is listed.


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