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cultural travel immersion - Bedroom in HomeStay
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A cultural immersion experience.
An excellent option for everyone, including women traveling alone / traveling solo.

Cultural & LifeStyle Immersion

A more engaging way to travel; a gentler way to be a tourist.


For those who want to have more up close and personal contact with real people, not just other tourists.  For those who want to get to know more about a country or region.

Cultural Travel Immersion

“Go Local Internationally!”

Private HomeStays (instead of impersonal hotels).

If you do not know the language of the country, you will be placed with a host who speaks English.

  • Meet local people; meet the family, spend time getting to know them.

  • Enjoy regional home cooking.

  • Visit local, favorite places of interest.

  • Shop in places that do not cater to tourists.

  • Celebrate local holidays and fiestas.

40+ Countries

List of Countries & Regions

  • All Ages Welcome: Children, Seniors & everyone in between. No upper age limit. Some restrictions on children in some countries.

  • Available All Year.

  • Minimum Stay One Week.

A Cultural Travel Immersion Program for:

  • tourists who are tired of impersonal hotels,¬†restaurant food and seeing a country through the windows of a tour bus; those who want to truly¬†“live” a country;

  • independent travelers who are interested in getting to know a city or region in depth;

  • more sophisticated travelers who already have seen all the most important sights and want to

    visit “off-the-beaten-path” locations;

  • women who are apprehensive about traveling alone / traveling solo;

  • senior citizens who want something more leisurely and less strenuous;

  • language teachers, professors and ‚Äúlinguaphiles‚ÄĚ who want to practice a foreign¬†language but do not want to take formal language lessons;.

  • families with children who want a cultural vacation;

  • highly motivated younger students¬†who want to experience another culture;

  • highly motivated older¬†students who want to advance in the language or improve skills but do not want formal language lessons or who need to improve language skills and may pick up the language more quickly in a natural, out of classroom experience;


Possible Cultural & Leisure Options

  • You may come and just do nothing but people watch and get involved with the local scene.

  • You may come with your own itinerary and explore on your own.

  • You make ask your local host to suggest what to see and how to do it.

  • You may arrange for Activity Hours so your host can accompany you either with informal sightseeing or your own planned itinerary.

  • OR you can arrange in advance for special activities.

An idea of possible Activities for you to do with your host or on your own.  Your choice.

 Possible Activities.

Request Costs & Detailed Information  


Cultural Travel Immersion.  Live in the home of carefully selected hosts/families.

  • A wonderful opportunity to get to know local people, customs, enjoy regional cooking, explore less traveled parts of a country, practice foreign language skills, ad infinitum.

  • We created this program for Adults because many people are tired of seeing a foreign country from the windows of a tour bus, staying at impersonal hotels, eating in restaurants and not meeting local people.

  • We also created it because many of our former language students wanted the opportunity to practice their foreign language skills, but did not always want to return to study; they need a break from formal instruction and the classroom situation.

  • We also have the cultural immersion program¬†for Teens because many are mature enough to appreciate the opportunity to explore another culture.

  • You are matched with hosts who share similar interests. You learn more about a country when you do things that interest you: sports, visit gardens, play golf, explore castles, go hiking, take cooking lessons, eat at places only locals know about, play golf, visit local museums, …..

There are 3 versions of the program.

You must go into this program looking to appreciate the differences, not looking for things to be the way they are at home.

See each one for further details.



  • Adults, Teachers & Professors, Seniors. Available in over¬†40 countries. You always get the country of choice. If there are different regions available, you will get a choice of regions. You will almost always get the region of choice. There is an Optional Activity / Excursions Program.¬†¬†You will be placed with someone who shares some of your interests. ¬†For those who have travelled previously and just want a homestay with hosts who share their interests.¬† Especially good for foreign language teachers and professors who want to practice the language outside the classroom, history, art, etc. professionals who want to explore on their own.

  • Adults, including Seniors. Available in over 40 countries. You always get the country of choice. If there are different regions available, you will get a choice of regions. You will almost always get the region of choice. There is an Optional Activity / Excursions Program.¬† This is for the more sophisticated traveller who may be new to the Cultural Immersion Experience, or for those who like to have someone to accompany them when exploring.¬† You will be placed with someone who shares some of your interests.¬† Many interesting special Cultural Activities may be arranged in advance.¬† You do not have to arrange all Cultural Activities in advance, just some¬†of them.¬† Not all special Cultural Activities are available in all regions.¬† Especially good for those are more apprehensive about doing things on their own.

Children & Teens Only

  • Stay with carefully selected host families who have children of the same age of the student. Share¬† the daily life of the host family.

  • Activities and local excursions. Offered in a limited number of countries. Depending upon the program selected, students may be required to speak the language of the selected country even if the host speaks English.

  • Students are guaranteed the country of choice but not the region of choice.¬† Students must be able to adjust to cultural differences.

  • Depending upon the age of the student and the country, there may be / will be an additional charge.


  • Categories: ¬†Standard, Standard Plus, Luxury

  • Meal¬†Options: Breakfast & Dinner, 3 Meals.

  • Private Bathrooms are available.

  • English speaking hosts are available.

  • Yes, it can be combined with hotel stays too.

Selection of Hosts

We know that some people are apprehensive about living in the home of a complete stranger.‚ÄĚ

To put your mind at ease…


Request Information


phone calls are welcome

Phone: 786.216.7302

E-mail: [email protected]

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