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Learning Spanish Miami

With a population that is over 65% Spanish speaking, Miami is an excellent place to study Spanish and practice conversation skills.

  • It is a bi-lingual city on the same level as Montreal or Barcelona.
  • You can come just for language training or also take advantage of the opportunity to experience the cultures of all Latin American countries without leaving the U.S.
  • Miami, the Gateway to the Americas, can either be your destination to learn Spanish, or for those in business it can be a stop for either an introduction to Spanish or as a refresher / review before meetings, trade show, presentations, etc.¬†in Latin America.

Learning Spanish Miami is a Language Learning Program and a Cultural Immersion Program for:

  • The teacher or professor who needs a super-intensive refresher/review; and / or¬†who wants a better understanding of the cultures of many countries;
  • The executive or professional who needs to improve Spanish language¬†proficiency in a limited period of time;
  • The tourist who wants a bit more out of his / her vacation and appreciates the fact that Miami has much to offer.
  • Lodging is in homes of native speakers of the language, or in apartments or hotels.
  • Miami¬†is not a monolithic community.¬† All nations of Latin America are represented. As more and more immigrants arrive from different countries, the Hispanic population of Miami is becoming more diverse and balanced. There are many viewpoints, not just those that you hear about on television.
  • There is so much here, we want you to take advantage of all the city has to offer.
  • Converse only in Spanish ‚Äď so many opportunities to do this.
  • Go to Spanish movies & theater.
  • Taste the foods of a panoply of nations.
  • Take ‚Äúcaf√© con leche‚ÄĚ breaks.
  • Participate in discussions;
  • listen to widely varying points of view.
  • Visit art galleries & artisan workshops.
  • (Miami hosts Art Basel & other major art shows)
  • Celebrate national holidays & religious festivals.
  • Dance to salsa music; learn to tango.
  • Miami, known as the “Gateway to the Americas,” is a perfect place to learn Spanish.
  • Miami (Miami-Dade County) is over 65% Hispanic. Many areas, Little Havana, Hialeah, Westchester, etc. are above 90% Hispanic.
  • In contrast with other cities in the U.S. with a high Hispanic population, the Hispanic population of Miami is much better educated. The influx of well educated native speakers insures that you hear Spanish, not Spanglish.



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