Foreign Language Immersion

From the beginning, when I started FLSAS, I have believed that Foreign Language Learning needs to be more inclusive in the United States.  In European Countries, and most other places worldwide, foreign languages are considered a necessity.  In the United States, past the minimum required by each state, they are only studied by those who are “good” in foreign languages.  

However, knowledge of a foreign language is a necessity.

FLSAS is establishing relationships with foreign language schools abroad that can offer Foreign Languages + STEM or CTE.  The object is not to learn Spanish perfectly; it is to learn Spanish in conjunction with WorkShops in STEM or CTE subjects so STEM and CTE students can learn the vocabulary that will be useful to them in the future.  Again, FLSAS is making foreign language learning more inclusive.

Groups will be able to arrange STEM and/or CTE WorkShops at any time during the year.  Individual / independent students will have many options during the Summer and others during the year.

Foreign Language Teachers please encourage STEM and CTE students to study abroad

They can be included in your groups and special WorkShops* can be arranged specifically for those students to incorporate career oriented vocabulary, or encourage individuals to Study Abroad during the Summer.

FLSAS can help you find a program that will meet the requirements of students with a variety of interests.


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