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“Almost” 100% Total
Foreign Language Immersion / Foreign Language Training


Improve your foreign language proficiency in an “almost” 100% total language immersion program.

This is a program for those who want to learn in the Total Language Immersion (non-classroom) setting but are apprehensive about living in the home of someone they do not know or are accompanied by someone who does not want a homestay.

Total foreign language immersion combines language learning abroad
with your personal and / or business interests –

  • cooking, music, hiking, genealogy, art, history,
  • antiques, golf, sports, international trade,
  • urban planning, emergency medicine,
  • supply chain logistics, etc.

“Almost” 100% total foreign language immersion is an excellent, effective combination of:
very intensive language lessons & cultural interaction (a necessary component of the language learning process).

    • You study the language in the home of your teacher.
      • You are the only student in the home (unless you come with someone you know)
      • You receive private tutoring.
      • You learn a foreign language as you learned your own language.
      • You learn a foreign language “doing what comes naturally.”
      • You learn it by participating in everyday activities; interacting with the “man of the street.”
      • You are matched with host teachers who share some of your interests.  Conversations around topics of interest are more relaxed and help the language learning process.
  • A True Total Language Immersion Program for the:
      • “Linguaphile” who wants a very intensive tailor-made language/cultural program;
      • Executive or professional who needs to improve language skills in a limited period of time;
      • Teacher or professor who needs a super-intensive refresher/review;
      • Student of all ages who wants to or needs to improve language skills for an exam, to test out of a certain level, to take a language not offered in his/her own school; or needs an intensive refresher/review;
      • Shy student or slower learner who feels more comfortable away from the pressure of the classroom;
      • Gifted student who feels he/she is held back by slower learners;
      • Seniors who want a different language learning / cultural experience, away from the traditional classroom setting.


  • Host Categories:
    • Standard
    • Superior / Business
    • Luxury
    • Comment:  Students (of all ages) go to the home of the teacher for the number of hours selected each week and have at least one meal with the host.  Exact schedule will depend on many factors.



  • Open to All Ages, 10 years & older.  Students under 18 may participate if student has a parent or legal guardian with them in the hotel or other alternate lodging arrangements.  The parent or legal guardian does not have to accompany the student to class, but students must not be alone in the hotel or alternate lodging arrangements.
  • Seniors welcome.  There is no upper age limit.
  • This program is very popular in Europe.  Executives and professionals, with limited time to study, choose this program as the most effective use of their time.
  • Learning in the home of a native speaker is the best choice for learning a foreign language; it is the only way to get used to hearing everyday conversations about everyday situations.

Selection of Hosts/Families:
We know that many people may be apprehensive about going to the home of a “complete stranger.”

To put your mind at ease… It is the only way to live the language.



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