Appreciate the

Cultural Differences

that still exist.

cultural travel immersion - more engaging way to travel

cultural travel immersion - Live It to Learn It
cultural travel immersion - Live the Foreign Life

A cultural immersion experience.
An excellent option for everyone, including women traveling alone / traveling solo.

As the world becomes more and more homogenized, now is the time to appreciate the cultural differences that still exist – before they no longer exist.

♦ Celebrate a traditional Christmas in France, Germany, England, etc.

♦ Holy Week in Spain, Mexico, “the Americas,” etc.

♦ Focus on Festivals.  All countries have religious and national and local festivals that capture the essence of the culture.

♦ Food Festivals.

♦ Etc., Etc.


For those who want to personally observe and participate in cultural events and traditions.  For individuals or small groups. 

No tour buses. 

No crowds. 

No seeing a country through the windows of a bus.

Cultural Travel Immersion

“Go Local Internationally!”

Private HomeStays. Possible hotel stays can be arranged.

If you do not know the language of the country, you will be placed with a host who speaks English.

A Cultural Travel Immersion Program for:

  • tourists who are tired of impersonal hotels, restaurant food and seeing a country through the windows of a tour bus; those who want to truly “live” a country;

  • independent travelers who are interested in getting to know a city or region in depth;

  • more sophisticated travelers who already have seen all the most important sights and want to learn more about the people;

  • women who are apprehensive about traveling alone / traveling solo;

  • senior citizens who want something more leisurely and less strenuous;

Request Costs & Detailed Information


  • Categories:  Standard, Standard Plus, Luxury

  • Meal Options: Breakfast & Dinner, 3 Meals.

  • Private Bathrooms are available.

  • English speaking hosts are available.

  • Yes, it can be combined with hotel stays too.

Selection of Hosts

We know that some people are apprehensive about living in the home of a complete stranger.”

To put your mind at ease…


Request Information


phone calls are welcome

Phone: 786.216.7302

E-mail: [email protected]

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