Appreciate the

Cultural Differences

that still exist.

cultural travel immersion - more engaging way to travel

cultural travel immersion - Live It to Learn It
cultural travel immersion - Live the Foreign Life

A cultural immersion experience.
An excellent option for everyone, including women traveling alone / traveling solo.

As the world becomes more and more homogenized, now is the time to appreciate the cultural differences that still exist – before they no longer exist.

‚ô¶ Celebrate a traditional Christmas in France, Germany, England, etc.

‚ô¶ Holy Week in Spain, Mexico, “the Americas,” etc.

♦ Focus on Festivals.  All countries have religious and national and local festivals that capture the essence of the culture.

‚ô¶ Food Festivals.

‚ô¶ Etc., Etc.


For those who want to personally observe and participate in cultural events and traditions.  For individuals or small groups. 

No tour buses. 

No crowds. 

No seeing a country through the windows of a bus.

Cultural Travel Immersion

“Go Local Internationally!”

Private HomeStays. Possible hotel stays can be arranged.

If you do not know the language of the country, you will be placed with a host who speaks English.

A Cultural Travel Immersion Program for:

  • tourists who are tired of impersonal hotels,¬†restaurant food and seeing a country through the windows of a tour bus; those who want to truly¬†“live” a country;

  • independent travelers who are interested in getting to know a city or region in depth;

  • more sophisticated travelers who already have seen all the most important sights and want to¬†learn more about the people;

  • women who are apprehensive about traveling alone / traveling solo;

  • senior citizens who want something more leisurely and less strenuous;

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  • Categories: ¬†Standard, Standard Plus, Luxury

  • Meal¬†Options: Breakfast & Dinner, 3 Meals.

  • Private Bathrooms are available.

  • English speaking hosts are available.

  • Yes, it can be combined with hotel stays too.

Selection of Hosts

We know that some people are apprehensive about living in the home of a complete stranger.‚ÄĚ

To put your mind at ease…


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