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Men Traveling Alone

Cultural Travel Immersion

A gentler way of being a tourist.

A more engaging way to travel.

Do you want to travel abroad alone and are reluctant to do so?  It can be awkward.

Do not be!

•While women have safety issues, men are possibly more hampered by meeting people than are women.  A woman can go up and talk to women and men in another country and do not think twice about it.  Men on the other hand, can go and talk to men but are apprehensive about approaching women they do not know.  It might be misinterpreted.  That reduces the number of local people with whom you can mix.
• So many times when people return from their travels they are happiest recalling the people they have met, the locals they have met by chance.  This program is for those who want to meet and get to know people “along the way;”   it is for those who want to know they will meet people and not have it be by chance.

FLSAS has options that will allow men traveling alone to meet local people, immerse themselves in the local culture… and avoid awkward situations.

Once you arrive at your destination, you will not be alone.  Airport / train station pick-up & return can be arranged.

This is not a Singles Program;
It is not a Volunteering Program.





40+ Countries • 25+ Languages


HomeStays Only for Men Traveling Alone (no language lessons)

100% Cultural Travel Immersion /

Live the Foreign Life® /

Go Local Internationally®:

  • With breakfast & dinner or 3 meals
  • Comfort categories: standard, standard plus, luxury
  • Private Bathrooms are available
  • English speaking hosts are available
  • Participants are matched with hosts with similar interests.


HomeStays with Foreign Language Lessons for Men Traveling Alone

100% Total Language Immersion /

Live It To Learn It®:

  • 40+ countries, 25+ languages.
  • Live in the Home of your language teacher, or the teacher will come to the home.
  • With 3 meals.
  • Comfort Categories: standard, standard plus, luxury.
  • Private Bathrooms are available.
  • English speaking hosts are available, if necessary, for those at lower levels.
  • Participants are matched with hosts with similar interests.


Other Cultural Immersion & Foreign Language Learning Options (Foreign Language Schools) are possible for men traveling alone.


What do YOU want to do?

Ideas for Activities.  Activities Programs.

Please let us know what type of program you are looking for…

  • Country / Region.
  • Length of Stay.
  • Dates.
  • How many participants?  Individual participants are welcome.
  • Ages of participant/s.  Seniors are welcome.  Do not be concerned about giving you real age.  Age is just a number.
  • What are your interests?
  • We can arrange a special program to meet your requirements and give you the costs.  Almost nothing is impossible.



Request Information


phone calls are welcome

Phone: 786.216.7302

E-mail: [email protected]

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