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Language Learning Programs Abroad - Live the Foreign Life
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100% Total Language Immersion

Improve foreign language proficiency in a foreign language total language immersion program.

Total language immersion combines language learning abroad¬†with your personal¬†and / or¬†business interests –

  • cooking, music, hiking, genealogy, art, history,

  • antiques, golf, sports, international trade,

  • urban planning, emergency medicine, architecture,

  • supply chain logistics, executive protection

  • etc., you name it

Foreign language total language immersion is an excellent, effective combination of:
very intensive language lessons & cultural interaction (a necessary component of the language learning process).

    • You study the language in the home of your teacher.*

      • You are the only student in the home (unless you come with someone you know)

      • You receive private tutoring.

      • You learn a foreign language as you learned your own language.

      • You learn a foreign language “doing what comes naturally.”

      • You learn it by participating in everyday activities; interacting with the “man on the street.”

      • You are matched with host teachers who share some of your interests.¬† Conversations around topics of interest are more relaxed and help the language learning process.

      • *Or a teacher can come to the home where you are living.¬†¬†

      • ‚ÄúLinguaphile‚ÄĚ who wants a very intensive tailor-made language/cultural program;

      • Executive or professional who needs to improve language skills in a limited period of time;

      • Teacher or professor who needs a super-intensive refresher/review;

      • Student of all ages who wants to or needs to improve language skills for an exam, to test out of a certain level, to take a language not offered in his/her own school; or needs an intensive refresher/review;

      • Shy student or slower learner who feels more comfortable away from the pressure of the classroom;

      • Gifted student who feels he/she is held back by slower learners;

      • Seniors who want a different language learning / cultural experience, away from the traditional classroom setting.


  • Lodging Categories:

    • Standard

    • Standard Plus

    • Superior / Business

    • Luxury



  • Open to All Ages, 10 years & older.¬†Even younger students may attend if accompanied by a sibling, friend, parent or legal guardian.¬†Seniors welcome.¬† There is no upper age limit.

  • This program is very popular in Europe. ¬†Executives and professionals, with limited time to study, choose this program as the most effective use of their time.

  • Living in the home of a native speaker is the best choice for learning a foreign language; it is the only way to get used to hearing everyday conversations about everyday situations.

Selection of Hosts/Families:
We know that many people may be apprehensive about living in the home of a ‚Äúcomplete stranger.‚ÄĚ

To put your mind at ease… It is the only way to live the language.



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