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cultural travel immersion - more engaging way to travel

FLSAS’ new service‚Ķ

Go Local Internationally will set up personalized itineraries, Cultural Immersion Experiences for those who want to meet people in similar professions* and businesses*.

The world is becoming more and more ‚Äúhomogenized‚ÄĚ each year.¬† Go Local Internationally is for those who want to:

  • Appreciate the differences while they still exist

  • Get more out of your vacation and are tired of the same old, same old

  • Visit lesser known but just as interesting destinations

  • Meet people with similar interests abroad. ¬†It makes the experience so much more interesting.

So many times when people return from their travels they are happiest recalling the people they have met, the locals they have met by chance. ¬†Go Local Internationally is for those who want to meet and get to know people “along the way;” it¬†is for those who want to know they will meet people with similar interests and not have it be by chance.

cultural travel immersion - more engaging way to travel

You will have the opportunity to socialize with people with similar interests – either hobbies, passions, professional, …

Indulge your interests:

    • Meet people in your business, profession abroad*. ¬†Exchange ideas, build relationships. ¬†
    • Food (see ideas in our SAVOR program)
    • Sports (practice sports locally: hiking, biking, golf with local partners)
    • Music (from opera to pop music.¬† There are Music Festivals all over)
    • Art (from the excellent, but not so famous museums to local art galleries and budding artists)
    • History (so many options to explore)
    • Gardens (from the famous to meeting members of local garden clubs)
    • Antiques (from the real to the great copies)
    • Handicrafts (get away from the tourist junk)
    • People watch.¬†¬† Leisurely observe.¬† Definitely a category of its own.
*If you want to go specifically to network, please let us know in advance.  GLI is primarily for social and relaxed interaction.

More ideas: List of possibilities.

Lodging is in Homestays (Standard, Standard Plus, Luxury) or Small Hotels.

Go Local Internationally is for:

РIndividuals or Small Groups.  It might be possible for larger groups, with the same or divergent interests.

РAll Ages, including Seniors.  Age is not an obstacle.  Parents with children.

– Women Travelling Alone will not be alone once they arrive at their destination.

РBusiness Contacts.  Within reason, we can match you with people in similar businesses or professions in other countries.  This can be done for many interests and professions.  Expand your network.  These will be more social in nature.  If you are looking to make actual business contacts, we need to know this in advance.

Go Local Internationally is NOT about:

  • Meeting Singles
  • Visiting 7 countries in 10 days
  • Volunteering

Go Local Internationally IS for independent people of all ages.  It is not for those who are looking for the services of a luxury hotel or those who prefer guided tours.

It IS for those who want to spend a week or so in one location; it is not about spending an afternoon or just one day in a location.

Go Local Internationally can be done in approximately 40 countries worldwide.  Not all options are available in all countries.

Costs will depend on the country, length of stay, interests and other factors.


What do you want to do?  Most programs are individually prepared, depending upon the interest.



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