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As the world becomes more and more homogenized, we must experience and appreciate the cultural differences that still exist.

There is Culture (capital “C”): traditional art, history, literature, monuments, etc) and culture (lowercase “C”): contemporary daily life and traditions.  FLSAS wants students to experience contemporary cultural (lowercase “c”) and the differences that still exist.

Individual students who identify interests in advance will be presented with options to explore when they are in a program. 

Groups can choose to include experiential activities in their itinerary.  The object is to participate in local festivals, visit with local artisans, cooking classes, and focus on what is really special about the city or region you are visiting.  This is not about volunteering.  It is about appreciating differences.

Let us know what you want to do (individuals or groups).  There are so many possibilities.

FLSAS can help you find a program that will meet the requirements of students with a variety of interests.


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