Foreign Language Learning Programs Abroad Improve Proficiency and make maximum use of limited time.  

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25+ Languages ♦ 40+ Countries

Different Programs for

Different Age Groups

& Interests

Foreign Language Immersion Programs are excellent for:

  • Executives & Professionals requiring very intensive language training;

  • Teachers & Professors needing a refresher / review or to prepare for a proficiency exam or to start a new language;

  • Teens & Pre-Teens wanting to improve present language skills (for exams like AP, IB or SAT) or wanting to learn another language:

    • Academic Year / Semester Programs, TriMester / 8 weeks

    • Summer, Winter, all year

    • GAP Year

  • AND for all ADULTS who just enjoy learning foreign languages and see a foreign language vacation as a the way to spend a week or a few weeks.

There are 5 Options for Foreign Language Learning Programs Abroad that will meet the needs of different interests & age groups:

  • 100% Total Language Immersion (the “real thing”). ¬†True Total Language Immersion cannot take place in the classroom. ¬†A complete very intensive language and cultural program that makes maximum use of limited time.¬† For everyone, including those who just love learning languages.

  • Executive Language Immersion for Executives & Professionals, including senior management.¬† A more intensive version of the 100% Total Language Immersion that combines foreign language training with active language learning lessons¬†using the target language in situations that would apply to the business or profession of the participant.

  • Foreign Language¬†Immersion Schools (Small Classes & Private Tutoring).¬† 18 years & over. ¬†Sometimes 14 or 16 & over.

  • Special Teen Study Abroad Programs for High School, Middle School Students and Children (6 to 18 to 19¬†years) including academic year / semester abroad, summer / winter / etc. study abroad, foreign exchange programs.

  • Spanish in Miami (not quite study abroad, but almost)!¬† Private Tutoring.

We make every effort to select only quality foreign language study programs that stress development of foreign language skills and improvement of foreign language proficiency.

FLSAS also recognizes that foreign language learning is just as much an out of classroom experience as it is an in classroom experience.  Whenever possible, programs combine language study with your personal interests.  You learn a foreign language more quickly when you are participating in activities you enjoy or discussing common interests, interacting with new found friends.

Although the emphasis is on the practical application of language learning, depending on the program, cultural activities, leisure activities and sports may be included.


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