Immersion Weekends

2 days, 3 days, 4 days, 5 days

Spanish in “the Americas”

French in Quebec

yes, other languages / countries are available …

it will just take a lot longer to get there, even if you only stay a few days


For those who cannot take advantage of vacation time and really really need to do something short and intensive, FLSAS can arrange Immersion Weekends. They can be done in many locations but it is most practical to do them in destinations that are easily reached by plane and do not involve too many flights or trains. Our destinations have teachers that will help you make the most of your limited time.

Weekend Programs will be defined as programs that incorporate both Saturday and/or Sunday and/or possibly a holiday.

Most common reasons are:

  • a teacher or professor who realizes s/he needs practice with certain vocabulary or needs to prepare for a special class – either academic or cultural

  • a teacher or professor realizes that after spending too much time speaking the language with non-native speakers in or out of the classroom his/her own skills have deteriorated and need to be refreshed quickly

  • take advantage of a cultural event

  • executive being assigned to a new area and needs to explore the new buzzwords, jargon, etc. of the industry

  • executive will be doing business in XXX and wants to learn regionalisms, localisms and more about the area in general

  • professional finds the ethnic mix of his clients is changing and wants to learn new vocabulary

  • etc.

  • etc.

  • etc.

or just as simple as:

  • travelling to a country and wanting to know the language before you go.

  • meeting new relatives

You get the idea. FLSAS has heard many versions of this.

FLSAS can help you find a program that will meet your requirements.


Please let us know what type of very intensive refresher/review language course you are looking for …

  • Target Language

  • Country

  • Preferred Length of Stay

  • Dates (approx)

  • Present Proficiency Level (Absolute Beginner is perfectly OK, not exactly Refresher/Review, but…)

  • and what you want to accomplish?

    • improve your conversation skills

    • prepare for a presentation in another language

    • better understand clients or employees

    • learn about the culture of your clients, students or employees.

    • meeting new relatives

    • travelling

    • career change

    • or ???

  • As much additional information you can provide helps.

Also, type of lodging required. You learn more in a homestay, but if that is not for you, OK.

“–  We will arrange a Refresher/Review language course to meet your requirements and give you the costs. Almost nothing is impossible. Unusual requests require more advance planning.


Request Costs &

Detailed Information


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