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FLSAS Live It to Learn It

FLSAS Live the Foreign Life

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FLSAS: Foreign Language Immersion and Cultural Immersion Abroad.

FLSAS offers Foreign Language Immersion and Cultural Immersion Programs.  The different programs meet the foreign language study and cultural needs of: Executives & Professionals, Teachers & Professors, High School & Middle School Students.  The language learning programs are definitely also for those who just love languages and want to have a language learning vacation in professionally run programs; and for those who realize that the world is getting more homogenized every day and want to experience the cultural differences of other countries while they still exist.For those who want to know where or how to study abroad, we think we have many options and look forward to providing you with solutions.

FLSAS: Improve Foreign Language Proficiency (Foreign Language Learning / Foreign Language Training), including Less Commonly Taught Languages. LCTL.

    • 100% Total Language Immersion – the real thing.  True total language immersion does not exist in a classroom.  A true language learning experience; you are isolated from hearing your own language and only speak and hear the language you are studying.
    • Executive Language Learning / Foreign Language Training  (Special Programs for those who need to make maximum use of limited time; Focused Foreign Language Learning.)
    • Foreign Language Immersion Schools (Small Classes & Private Tutoring)
    • Study Abroad Programs for High School & Middle School Students, Children (for serious, motivated Teens & Pre-Teens).


FLSAS: Cultural & LifeStyle Travel Immersion Experiences Abroad  (Cultural HomeStays).

  • Adults, including Teachers & Professors
  • HomeStay Only Programs (for those who want to explore on their own)
  • Adults, including Seniors. (A more engaging way to travel, a gentler way of being a tourist.)
  • HomeStay Only Programs (with Activities with Host)
  • HomeStay Only Programs for Teens (Programs set up for Teens Only)
  • Spanish in Miami – the Miami Multi-Cultural Experience

For an excellent resource for foreign language materials (books, foreign films, educational games, etc.), FLSAS suggests:



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