Choosing a Foreign Language Immersion or Cultural Immersion Program.

⇒  One size does not fit all!

A foreign language immersion or a cultural immersion program is an investment of time and money.

FLSAS specializes in foreign language immersion programs and cultural immersion programs abroad that offer flexible schedules for independent / unaccompanied / individual students as well as for small groups.

FLSAS will help you find the best solution to your requirements; we will  take the guesswork out of your foreign language learning or cultural immersion decision.

There are many programs.  There is more to selecting a program than judging a program by its website or by its social media presence on the internet.

A Few Comments:

. What goes into the cost…

Every program has its own system of deciding costs. Do not try to apply logic.

If a program is in a very popular destination, the cost can be less, even if it is a destination that might be more expensive, because of the total number of students that attend over the year.

If you are comparing different programs, class size is very very important.  The larger the class size, the less expensive the program.  However, if you are taking the time to go abroad, and take into account the airfare, do not choose a program just because it is the least expensive, if the classes are large.  The smaller the class, the more you learn.

Some programs include everything … others charge extra for cultural programs and activities.  All these add up when you get there.  We indicate that information in program descriptions.  Any questions, ASK!

. Some programs cater to certain age groups.  Most programs have a younger average age during the summer.

. Some programs are more flexible than others.

. Some programs are part of very large international organizations; others are part of smaller organizations; others are completely independent.

. You do not necessarily save money by saving money.

Foreign Language Immersion

FLSAS specializes in programs that emphasize building and improving your foreign language skills.  Recognizing that people – of all ages – usually have only a limited amount of time to learn, intensive programs make maximum use of limited time.

FLSAS also recognizes that foreign language learning is just as much an out of classroom experience as it is an in classroom experience.  You learn a foreign language more quickly when you are participating in activities you enjoy or discussing common interests, interacting with new found friends.  Depending on the program selected, cultural activities, leisure activities and sports may be included.

Cultural & LifeStyle Immersion / Go Local Internationally

Over the years, many people (adults) requested the opportunity to have a just a plain homestay in a foreign country without the language lessons. The request came from former students, teachers who wanted a cultural out of classroom experience, parents and grandparents of students who studied abroad…. and many others who just wanted a more meaningful vacation.  This is not about volunteering.  It is about appreciating cultural differences while they still exist.

We look forward to arranging a foreign language immersion or cultural lifestyle immersion experience for you.


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