Foreign Language Immersion

Executives & Professionals 

25+ languages   /  40+ countries

executive foreign language learning

the practical approach

focus specifically

on what you need to know

the language of your “playground”
(vocabulary – technical terms – “lingo”)

to communicate effectively

with your counterparts

in your industry/business

FLSAS’ Focused Foreign Language Learning programs are for those:

  • who need to learn a specific vocabulary and how to use it;

  • who want to communicate with specific groups of people (socially, professionally)

  • who need to improve present foreign language skills;

  • who are just beginning their foreign¬†language learning experience;

  • who want¬†foreign language and cultural preparedness¬†training before doing business in a country;

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As executives and professionals have limited time to learn a foreign language, they need to focus on the essentials.  FLSAS has developed FOCРUSED Foreign Language Learning, the practical approach.

  • When you learned your own language, as a child, you started with a few of the most important words; you increased your vocabulary as your world expanded.¬† You used words to communicate your needs and wants.

  • When, as an executive or professional, you need to communicate with others in your field, the logical progression would be to concentrate on the vocabulary words, technical terms and ‚Äúlingo‚ÄĚ that are most important to you. ¬†At the beginning, it is not necessary to speak in perfect sentences.¬† With vocabulary and body language, you will be able to communicate.¬†¬† As you use your vocabulary, and listen carefully to the conversations around you, the grammar will come. ¬†Yes, you should study grammar, but that should not be your primary focus.

  • Concentrate on what you need to know, on the “world around the professional you,” what vocabulary and special situations apply specifically to your profession or circumstances.¬† Work on applying that to everyday conversation in a total language immersion environment.

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We offer programs that make maximum use of your limited time.  A short time spent in a country that speaks the language you are learning will accomplish a good deal.   It is a practical use of your time and money.

FLSAS Programs are¬†Active Language Learning Programs. That means that, unless otherwise requested, one part of your language instruction will be spent in¬†lessons with texts and materials, and the other part¬†will be spent out “in the street” using what you know (even if only the basics).

It is an exciting way to learn with dynamic results. You learn the foreign language the way you learned your own language; you are living it.  The final distribution of actual formal lessons, and activity lessons will be up to you.  You can request special vocabularies and to meet people in your field.

Unless you choose otherwise, lodging will be in a homestay.  We think homestays are more effective, but it is up to you.  We will help with alternate arrangements (hotels, apartments, aparthotels, etc.)

You should, if at all possible, be in a situation where you continuously hear only the target language. The hardest part of foreign language learning is mastering everyday conversations.  Sharing mutual interests facilitates conversation… and language learning.

For those who are skeptical and have not had a total foreign language immersion experience before… If you only have one or two weeks, how much can you expect to learn living the language in one week? Definitely much more than if you do not go at all. You have to take advantage of every opportunity, even if it is only one week. If you wait till you have something more ideal ‚Äď 4 weeks or 6 weeks or longer ‚Äď you will probably never do it‚Ķ and you will miss out on business opportunities.

Some Additional Comments:

You do not have to be fluent or speak in perfect sentences. A little bit of effort goes a long way.

‚ÄĘ It may be as simple as being able to ask your clients in their own language about their family members or about their favorite sports team or about their vacation.

‚ÄĘ Or it can be a bit more complicated such as preparing yourself for a trade show where not everyone will speak English, or giving a presentation in another country, or attending a meeting or a seminar in another language, or even feeling more secure in today’s world knowing the basics of the language of the country you are in.

‚ÄĘ Even if you speak primarily in English (or other native language), having the basics of the language of the country will go a long way.

If you study a foreign language for one week or two weeks, you will not become fluent, no matter what some programs promise. Fluency is not the  immediate goal; that is a long term project.

Very simply, spending even a limited amount of time in a country where the language is spoken will improve your practical foreign language proficiency skills much more quickly.

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Very simply, spending even a limited amount of time in a country where the language is spoken will improve your foreign language proficiency skills much more quickly.


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