You need to eat the pie, small piece by small piece.

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Are you are an adult who needs or wants to learn a foreign language but is intimidated by the huge pie (becoming fluent) that you see on your plate? Do not be. To learn what you need to communicate initially in a foreign language is really just a very small piece of that bigger pie.

The primary purpose of learning a foreign language is to communicate with others. “Communicate” means”to transmit information, thought, or feelings so that it is satisfactorily received or understood.” “Satisfactorily” is the operative word. At no point does perfect grammar come into the definition of communicate.

When adults learn foreign languages for their business or other reason, they first need to analyze their personal situation, to figure out what words, idioms, verbs, etc. are essential. They can be technical terms, or what is needed to sell their product or what is needed to be able to socialize with one’s counterparts.

Concentrate on eating that piece of the pie first.

Unfortunately, seeing the whole pie in front of them; that is what it takes to become fluent, scares away many adults from taking up another language.

Focus first on what you specifically need to communicate in your personal and or business playground and then work on improving your skills. Yes, you will make mistakes; people will laugh. It is part of learning a foreign language. Some people are much better at it than others; that will never change. But everyone can learn enough to communicate.

I look forward to your comments. I just want to point out that I am not saying speaking correctly is not important. I am saying that the primary purpose of learning a foreign language is communication, using nouns and verbs. You have to eat the pie, piece by piece. Correct grammar, and everything that goes with it, can be eaten later.


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