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Seniors Cultural Travel - discover folk art

Seniors Cultural Travel - seniors biking in France

Seniors Cultural Travel - part of the culture of England, High Tea

Seniors Cultural Travel - Live It to Learn It

Seniors Cultural Travel - Live the Foreign Life

Seniors Cultural Travel - visiting gardens in Scotland

Seniors Cultural Travel - enjoy golf in Germany

Seniors Cultural Travel - grandmother & grandson in China

Seniors Cultural Travel - bedroom in homestay

Seniors Cultural Travel - culturally immerse yourself in small towns in England

Seniors Cultural Travel - magnificent gardens in England

Seniors Cultural Travel - seniors meet friends

Seniors Cultural Travel - seniors find romance in Paris

Seniors Cultural Travel - sailing in southwest England

Seniors Cultural Travel - enjoy an unusual destination - Malta

Adults & Seniors

Seniors Cultural Travel

Cultural Immersion



No more tour buses, crowds, other tourists.


40+ countries

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Lodging Options: Breakfast & Dinner, 3 Meals.

To put your mind at ease… Selection of Hosts.
We know that some people are apprehensive about living in the home of a complete stranger.

As the world gets smaller and more homogenized, many travelers want to experience the differences that still exist. 

The goal of  Cultural & LifeStyle Immersion Experiences Abroad is to offer Adults & Seniors Cultural Travel the opportunity to do this comfortably.

FLSAS has been sending younger students to foreign exchange / study abroad programs for many (40+) years.

Over those years, I frequently have been asked by students’ parents and grandparents – the ones who pay for the programs – how they, too, can enjoy similar experiences. Now they – and you – can!

Ideas for Activities:

You are never too old; there is no upper age limit. For those with health concerns, you can arrange a program to meet your needs.¬† You can choose what you want to do; to be very active or just people watch.¬† Since you will be in one location for a week or longer, you can have your doctor/s at home identify doctors, pharmacies and hospitals at your destination, “just in case” you need them.¬† Special Diets can be arranged.

Age does not set limits on your interests; there is no particular age beyond which you cannot do the things of which you have always dreamed: explore scenic wonders off the beaten track, travel historic routes to unusual destinations, participate in unique cultural events and religious celebrations, study culinary arts and enjoy gastronomic delights. Your experience can be whatever you can imagine – let your imagination soar!

We prefer to call this Cultural Immersion Experiences & Activities as opposed to Cultural Travel or Cultural Adventures. The term Cultural Travel is used by travel agencies and websites to describe group tours by bus to commonly-visited monuments, museums, historic sites and such. Group members stay in large, impersonal hotels and eat together in pre-selected tourist restaurants. Similarly, Cultural Adventures involve group tours, although generally to somewhat more exotic locales than cultural travel tours.

There is nothing wrong with these tours and they are good introductions to other countries and cities… but there comes a time when you want more; to go beyond the introduction. The fundamental difference between a group tour and a Cultural Immersion program is really about getting to know people, engaging them, on a one-to-one basis. It is Advanced Travel as opposed to Beginning Travel.

Cultural Immersion involves contact and interaction with the local people, sharing their way of life and traditions, their foods, sports and music, their daily activities, events, and festivities, as well as participating in religious and national holidays. You share real human experiences, not with other tourists but with the people of the country.

Do you have a particular passion: genealogy, medicine, golf, history, architecture, music, gardens and gardening, education, or any of a wide array of interests? You can be matched with local people who share that passion.

Ideas for Activities:

Cultural Immersion requires acceptance of other ways of doing things. There is no single “right” way; instead, there may be many “right” ways. Cultural Immersion programs let you see the world from another perspective.

I encourage you to try a Cultural HomeStay Experience Abroad for Adults.

A Word About Hosts…

  • Our hosts are carefully selected; they are not people who just ‚Äúrent rooms.‚ÄĚ

  • Hosts are selected who share some of your interests, or who have friends and contacts who share some of your interests, and can guide you to where and how to do what you want to do.

  • Unless you request otherwise, you will be treated as a member of the family.

  • If requested, you will be placed with hosts who speak English well.

  • There is always a Local Organizer who speaks English very well, in case of emergencies¬†



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