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Middle School

& High School

Academic Year Abroad, or


Middle School

& High School

Semester Abroad

Now is the time to start planning.

 Programs Available*

in High Schools & Middle Schools

(Public & Private)

Spain – France – Germany – Italy – Portugal – China – Argentina

modified program available for Japan

*not all options are available in all countries

♦Academic Year Abroad Programs are an opportunity for all middle & high school students to perfect a foreign language.

♦High School Academic Year Abroad (Semester Option) are excellent for graduating seniors to have a meaningful and productive last semester in high school.

♦High School Academic Year Abroad are also excellent for GAP Year students to both acquire fluency in another language… and, in many cases, finish the college foreign language requirement or perfect another language in college .

Even students who have already been accepted at college,

might want to consider this

and postpone entering college by one or two semesters.

 There are programs in different countries

♦ Spain – France – Germany – Italy ♦

 ♦ Portugal – China – Japan – Morocco ♦

available to students.

*** To Teachers:

Please encourage your students to do this.

Because the dates, ages, application dates, costs, etc.

are so varied, to properly answer requests

for information, we need to know more

about the student:

  • When he/she will attend?

  • Date of Birth?

  • Language / Country of Interest?

  • Length of Stay?

  • Any Specific Course or Program that must be included?

  • Are Grades Required (actual grades or PF)?


*** To Students:

Extremely Important

To avoid being disappointed in the end,

 consult with your school Guidance Department, parents, or other authorized decision maker.

  • Find out if you will be allowed to go abroad.

  • What subjects you may be required to take.

  • What kind of grades or evaluations will be necessary.

If you need one or two classes to graduate,

You may  be able to take them on-line,

So you can do an academic year or semester abroad

And graduate on time.

If you clear this in advance,

The application process will be easier…

Fewer frustrations & last minute disappointments.


Request Information


phone calls are welcome

Phone: 786.216.7302

E-mail: LRH@flsas.com