Spanish in Miami

•Language Program (Spanish in Miami), or

•Cultural Program (Multi-Cultural Miami), or

•a combined Language & Culture Program


Brief Description

There are three ways to appreciate Miami.

1. Learn Spanish in a total language immersion environment.  You are surrounded by it.

2. Participate in and appreciate the multi-cultural diversity of Miami / South Florida.

3. Combine language lessons with the multi-cultural diversity.

More Detailed Description:

  • FLSAS has organized a “Spanish in Miami”® Program.  After 40+ years, we know (or we hope we know) what participants are looking for in a “Study Abroad” Program.  Technically, it is not really Study Abroad, because you are still in the United States.  Physically, yes, you are in the United States, but the buildings, the billboards, the signs, the people, the foods, the palm trees, the newspaper headlines, etc. might make you believe otherwise.
  • For those who come to learn or practice Spanish, we know you will learn Spanish.
  • We know you will learn a great deal about the customs and cultures of many nations.  We hope you will enjoy yourself.
  • For those who come for the cultural experience, you will learn about and experience the cultural offerings of Miami’s very diverse Spanish speaking community.
  • For those who, in addition to the total language immersion experience, want to experience the cultural offerings of Miami’s Spanish speaking community, you can combine the two.
  • Please come with an open mind, the spirit of cooperation, the ability to adjust to different customs and cultures, and a sense of humor.  Even though you are in the United States, many things will be different.
  • We can offer HomeStays or arrange to meet you where you are staying.

Comments on Miami, a Bi-lingual / Multi-Cultural City

  • Miami is known as the “Gateway to the Americas.”  Miami (Miami-Dade County) is over 65% Hispanic.  Many areas, Little Havana, Hialeah, Westchester, etc. are almost 100% Hispanic.
  • In contrast with other cities in the U.S. with a high Hispanic population, the Hispanic population of Miami is much better educated.  Also, in contrast with other bi-lingual cities worldwide, in Miami, there is a constant influx of educated native speakers of Spanish.
  • It is not a static population.
    • In addition to the people who immigrate to Miami for political or economic reasons, there are also a high percentage of tourists from Latin America who come for short stays as well as others who have homes or apartments here and return for extended vacations each year.
    • The continuous presence of businesspeople from Latin America adds to the educated Spanish speaking population.  In Miami you are able to be totally immersed in Spanish; it is very easy to hear Spanish correctly spoken by educated native speakers at all times.
  • Although Cubans still predominate, all countries of the Americas are well represented.  Every nationality has its own social and cultural center whose members welcome visitors to their events.
  • The newspaper lists daily discussion groups (practical matters and/or cultural interest) in Spanish, and in bookstores you can find books and magazines from all over the Spanish speaking world.  Even the local Barnes & Nobles have a considerable collection of Spanish materials.
  • In many areas of Miami, you will think you have left the United States and are in a different country.  For those who appreciate cultural differences, this is a good thing.

Additional Information.

Number of Participants:Private Tutoring: one-to-one.  Participants coming together can share classes or cultural activities.
Program Length:  2 or 3 day stays (weekdays or weekends) to as long as you need (one week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 2 months, etc.).
Dates / Time of Year:  At your convenience throughout the year.
Number of Lessons or Hours of Cultural Activities:  You choose.  Will vary with the needs of the participant.
Cultural & Leisure Activities:

  • Spanish Language Immersion:  Activities to practice the language are part of the program.
  • Cultural Immersion: Cultural activities focusing on multi-cultural Miami are part of the program.  You can choose the focus of the cultural program.

Lodging:  It is up to you.  You can make your own arrangements… or we can make the arrangements for you in a HomeStay.
Proficiency Levels:

  • Spanish Language Immersion:  From Absolute Beginner to Near Native Speaker.
  • Cultural Immersion: Can be in English or Spanish.

Special Cultural Concentrations:  Available.