Foreign Language Schools in Foreign Countries.

Brief Description

Foreign language study – Private Tutoring or Small Classes – in a foreign language institute in a foreign country.  You have different program options (number of lessons per week, number of students per class), lodging options and cultural and leisure activity options.  Flexible Schedules.

More Detailed Description.

  • The traditional way to study a foreign language is to study in a foreign language institute in a foreign country.   It is a business that started in Europe.  Foreign language institutes can now be found all over the world.  You are immersed in the language and culture.  In most cases, you can choose between private tutoring, small classes, or a combination of both.
  • We select programs that offer flexible schedules for independent / unaccompanied / individuals as well as for small groups.
  • All programs make sure students have every opportunity to speak the target language with native speakers as much as possible.  After class, you are encouraged to get out and use the community as your classroom; to interact with local people as much as possible.  You need to “live it to learn it.”®
  • Conversations about the latest “news,” sports, history, art, politics, etc. – in other words traditional classroom type discussions – are easy.  The hard part of foreign language learning is trying to both understand and participate in the “he said,” “she said,” “if,” daily life type conversations.  Social conversations – no matter how basic – are the most difficult.  You are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity of being in a foreign country to participate in these mundane, but linguistically important, conversations.
  • We make every effort to select only excellent language programs.
  • To reword a cliché:  “Bigger is not better.”  We prefer the smaller, more personal approach.
    • In most cases we will not work with multi-city language schools or chains or multi-country language chains.  There are a couple of exceptions.
    • In almost all cases the institutes must be independently owned and owner operated.  We prefer to work with “Hands On” Directors who must be on site or readily available to resolve problems.
  • All programs have been chosen for Quality of:

    ▪ language instruction and materials,
    ▪ cultural activities & excursions,
    ▪ personal attention to the student,
    ▪ the administrative staff,
    ▪ living accommodations,
    ▪ and variety of leisure & social activities.

    Additional Information.

    Number of Students in a Class:
    ▫ Small Classes: Depends on the Institute.

    ▫ Private Tutoring: Always one-to-one unless 2 or 3 people agree in advance to share the lessons.

    Number of Lessons:

    Depends on the Institute.  Most Institutes offer options.

    Length of Stay:
    ▫      Small Classes:

    ◦ Minimum:  Usually 2 weeks.  One week may possibly be arranged for those at More Advanced Levels.
    ◦ Maximum: as long as you need.

         Private Tutoring:

    ◦ From super-intensive 2 or 3 day stays, including weekends, to as long as you need.

    Starting Dates:
    Almost any Monday throughout the year.
    HomeStays, Residence Halls, Apartments, Hotels, ApartHotels, etc.
    Activity Programs:
    Excursions, Cultural, Sports & Leisure Activities
    Proficiency Levels:
    From Absolute Beginner to Near Native Speaker.
    Special Vocabularies:
    Countries / Locations:
    Many Countries Worldwide – many cities.  We will be adding countries and cities.  See Countries (above)