Focused Foreign Language Learning

Focused Foreign Language Learning is the FLSAS approach to Executive Foreign Language Training.   You focus on the language of your playground (professional or social).  You focus on what you specifically need to know – vocabulary, technical terms, lingo – to communicate effectively with your counterparts in your industry/business/profession.  Is is the practical approach, not the academic approach.  

Read About “Learning the language of your playground.” 

Brief Description

Focused Foreign Language Learning is based on the 100% Total Language Immersion, but the emphasis is on what you need to know.  You analyze your situation and identify the words of your playground.  Think of how children learn a foreign language.  Their first words are what they see and need around them.  Then they expand their circle and incorporate more.  The emphasis is on vocabulary.  The more words you know, the more you can communicate.  Grammar comes with practice.  You may know a lot about one specific subject and not much about other areas, but if that works for you, great.

It is based on the “True” 100% Total Language Immersion® Program or the “Almost” 100% Total Language Immersion ® Programs.

The difference between Focused Foreign Language Learning (FFLL) and Languages for Specific Purposes (LSP) is that FFLL concentrates specifically on what you, the executive or professional need for your daily life (business & social) and LSP is vocabulary, idioms, buzz words, etc. that is industry specific.

Additional Information.

Number of Participants per Homestay:
One or Two in the same homestay.  It is possible to arrange for more participants, but it might not be as effective linguistically.
Length of Stay:
If you are a Beginner, you should plan for 2 weeks.  But, even if you only have one week, you will learn a good deal.
Dates / Time of Year:
At your convenience throughout the year.  Preferably Sunday to Sunday.
Number of Lessons:
Minimum 20 lessons.  Up to 40 lessons per week.
Different Categories / Levels of Comfort::
Standard, Standard/Plus, Superior/Business, Luxury.
Proficiency Levels:
From Absolute Beginner.
Special Vocabularies:
Available – Superior/Business, Luxury
Countries / Locations:
Over 40 Countries Worldwide – many cities, regions.  See Countries (above)
Advance Preparation:
Develop the vocabulary and situations of your playground.  This is your responsibility.

More Detailed Description.

  • It is an excellent program that provides executives and professionals with the opportunity to improve language skills in a limited period of time.  Even if you have only one week, you will notice an improvement.  The longer you stay, the more you will accomplish.  It is very successful in Europe where the knowledge of foreign languages is essential.
  • You will live in the home of a host teacher, who is well educated.  All those with whom you come in contact speak to you only in the language you are learning.  You will hear only that language at all times.  You are prohibited from speaking your own native language (except in an emergency).  It is extremely effective.  You are not restricted to the host’s home.  You are encouraged to get out and use the community as your classroom; to interact with local people as much as possible.
  • We ask you to provide us with background information.  We match you with host teachers with some similar interests.  The more you have in common with the host teacher, the more interesting the lessons and the conversations, and the more productive and enjoyable you will find language learning.
  • In order to properly learn a foreign language you have to hear it and listen to it and use it in natural settings while you participate in everyday activities.  You need to “Live it to Learn It.”®  Developing a vocabulary and using it in everyday conversations (no matter how basic) from the beginning is essential.
  • All host teachers in 100% Total Language Immersion® program are native speakers and college graduates.  All are qualified, linguistically and culturally, to teach executives and professionals.  Host teachers have a wide variety of interests and bring different experiences into the language learning experience.
  • No one can guarantee miracles, however, even after one week, you will notice an improvement.  In answer to those who say that “studying for only one week is a waste of time,” we say that in one week you will learn much more than if you do not study at all… and you can always do it again… and again.