“Almost” 100% Total Language Immersion®

Brief Description

•  “Almost” is for those who like almost everything about the 100% Total Language Immersion® concept but who are really really apprehensive about “living with strangers…” or who are accompanying others with different plans or objectives

•  You will have the same program – 100% Language Immersion® – but you will arrange and pay for your own lodging or we can arrange it for you in a hotel, apartment, etc.  You go to the home of a teacher every day, have lessons, have meals, have cultural interaction, but go to your lodging in the evening.

•  The cost will be the same as the “True” 100% Total Language Immersion.

Additional Information

Number of Participants:
One or Two with the same host.  It is possible to arrange for more participants, but it might not be as effective linguistically.
Length of Stay:
From super-intensive “weekends” to as long as you need (one week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, etc.).
Dates / Time of Year:
At your convenience throughout the year.
Number of Lessons:
Minimum 10 lessons.  Up to 40 lessons per week.
Different Categories:
Standard, Business, Luxury.
Your choice.  Hotel.  Apartment. Etc.
You can make your own arrangements or they can be made for you.
The cost for Lodging will be in addition to the cost of the program.
Proficiency Levels:
From Absolute Beginner to Near Native Speaker.
Special Vocabularies:
Available – Business, Luxury
Countries / Locations:
Over 40 Countries Worldwide – many cities, regions.  See Countries (above)