“Selection of Hosts/Families”

We know that many parents may be apprehensive sending their child
to live in the home of a “complete stranger.”


To put your mind at ease…


Hosts & families are very very carefully selected.

All programs have a person, a Lodging Coordinator,

who is responsible for finding homestays for students.

Finding good homestays is an important part of every program.

If a student is not happy in the homestay,

he/she probably will not be happy with the program as well.


All homes are carefully inspected. Feedback is encouraged; students are asked if they are happy where they are. The Coordinator is always available to solve problems when the student is in the program. It the student is not happy in the homestay after a reasonable time to adjust, the homestay will be changed.

You will be provided with information on the host/family before departure. You are welcome to call and speak with them.  However conversations in a foreign language can be difficult and there can be misunderstands.  Have someone who is a native speaker call for you.

If there is an e-mail address, you will receive it.

You will have a 24-hour emergency number.