Getting to Know …®  (Small Groups / Clusters)

This is the Anti-Tour Program.  FLSAS believes that 7 countries in 10 days is not the way to travel.  FLSAS believes it is much better to get to know a city or region in depth.  

You must go into this program looking to appreciate the differences, not looking for things to be the way they are at home.

Brief Description

Many tour programs try to include as many countries / cities and monuments as possible in a short period of time.   Our Getting to Know…® programs are the opposite.   FLSAS prefers to concentrate on one city or region.  You spend time exploring and getting to know an area in depth.  You can choose to concentrate on certain Your memory of your trip will not be the windows of the bus.  You will stay in one location (possibly) two and make day trips.  This saves time.  Checking in and out of hotels takes valuable time.

This program is open to individuals, small groups/clusters and possibly larger groups.

Getting to Know… ® is based on the 100% Total Cultural Immersion Program.  Accommodations can either be homestays (if a small group, or a local, traditional hotel.  No national chains.)  We think the program is more effective with homestays, but we can set up programs for those who prefer alternate lodging (hotels, apartments, aparthotels).

Additional Information

Number of Participants:
There is no limit but we prefer to work with individuals or small groups/clusters.  Large groups can be broken down into smaller groups/clusters.

Number of Participants per Homestay:
One or Two in the same homestay.  It is possible to arrange for more participants with advance planning. Small groups/clusters can stay at more than one homestay or hotels with local ambience or other accommodation.
Length of Stay:
One week minimum, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, etc. or longer.  You may spend one week in one location, one week in another location.
Dates / Time of Year:
At your convenience throughout the year.  Preferably Sunday to Sunday.
Different Categories / Levels of Comfort::
Standard, Standard/Plus, Superior/Business, Luxury.
Knowledge of English:
You can request a host who speaks English (or other native language).
Countries / Locations:
Over 40 Countries Worldwide – many cities, regions.  See Countries.

More Detailed Information


HomeStays:  (see 100% Total Language Immersion)

Categories:  Standard, Standard Plus, Luxury

Meal Options: Breakfast & Dinner, 3 Meals.

Private Bathrooms are available.


We can suggest hotels.  Locally owned and operated that reflect the city or region.

Selection of Hosts

We know that some people are apprehensive about living in the home of a complete stranger.”

To put your mind at ease…


Possible Cultural & Leisure Options


  • You may come and just do nothing but people watch and get involved with the local scene.
  • You may come with your own itinerary and explore on your own.
  • You make ask your local host to suggest what to see and how to do it.
  • You may arrange for Activity Hours so your host can accompany you either with informal sightseeing or your own planned itinerary.
  • OR you can arrange in advance for special activities.

Small Groups / Clusters:

  • See Individuals above
  • OR have a complete itinerary set up for the group/cluster.  Itineraries would be from one “base.”

Your choice.  Possible Activities.

Cultural Travel Immersion:

Live in the home of carefully selected hosts/families.

  • A wonderful opportunity to get to know local people, customs, enjoy regional cooking, explore less traveled parts of a country, practice foreign language skills, ad infinitum.
  • We created this program for Adults because many people are tired of seeing a foreign country from the windows of a tour bus, staying at impersonal hotels, eating in restaurants and not meeting local people.
  • We also created it because many of our former language students wanted the opportunity to practice their foreign language skills, but did not always want to return to study; they need a break from formal instruction and the classroom situation.
  • You are matched with hosts who share similar interests. You learn more about a country when you do things that interest you: sports, visit gardens, play golf, explore castles, go hiking, take cooking lessons, eat at places only locals know about, play golf, visit local museums, …..