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Family & Friends Study Abroad Service

… a new service being offered by FLSAS



A service for those who want to study abroad together with

 family (with or without children)

or friends

and everyone has different needs (age, interests)

Yes, there are programs that all can attend at the same time.

We will find what you are looking for.


We hope you believe there is a need for it.  Your opinion is appreciated.

What should be in the website?  Photos definitely, but photos of what?

Note: We cannot provide links to costs in advance.  Each situation will be different. 


WHY you need our service.

  • There are sooooo many options.
  • Many websites do not list all the possible options for different age groups.
  • Holidays (National or Religious)
  • Some programs are completely open during holidays.
  • Others have limited schedules.
  • This is information you need before you go especially if you go for a short period of time.
  • “Closed for the Holidays” has a different meaning with each program.

Some are completely closed.  Others are closed but lodging is available.

Others are closed but special arrangements can be made for certain activities.

  • Some have programs within programs.  Those are really confusing, even to me.
  • Some have cultural activities all year, others only during summer months.


You get the idea. 

You need someone who can find what you are looking for.  You need FLSAS’ service.


Family & Friends Together

Foreign Language Immersion

& Cultural Immersion

Study Abroad Service

  • adults without children

  • parents & children (of all ages)

  • aunts & uncles with nieces & nephews

  • just friends with their children

Summer & All Year

(including Holidays – Christmas & New Year’s)

 There are a number of options for ALL

that are available during the SUMMER

and throughout the ENTIRE YEAR

including Christmas & New Year’s

and local holidays.

Be there on important days/dates!

Local Fiestas / Religious Celebrations

Concerts / Fairs / National Holidays / Expos

Fun very local activities.  Go Local.

You need our service.

What can be done will depend on many factors.


*** In order to provide relevant information,

To Start With:

  • How many adults?  Age of Adults? (no upper age limit)
  • Age of the child/ren or pre-teens?
  • Preferred Accommodations: (homestay, hotel, aparthotel, apartment)?
  • Language of interest?
  • Country of interest?
  • City of Interest?
  • Cultural Interests?
  • Child Oriented Activities?
  • What do you like to do?
  • Dates?
  • Length of Stay?

Provide the information requested?


Let us know what you think!

Details. Details. Details. Etc.



phone calls are welcome

Phone: 786.216.7302