Language Learning Programs Abroad - Live It to Learn It

Language Learning Programs Abroad - Live the Foreign Life

Family & Friends

Foreign Language &

Cultural Immersion

Study Abroad

Parents & Children Together

Available All Year

Friends, entire families, or just one parent and one child.

A service for people/families who want to study abroad together

but are of different ages,

have different interests and/or different levels of proficiency.

Note: Not everyone needs to take language lessons.

There are a number of options

(grandparents, friends, parents & children, etc.)

that are available during the SUMMER

or can be arranged ALL YEAR.

Summer Study Abroad

Winter Study Abroad

Spring Study Abroad

Fall Study Abroad

What can be done will depend on many factors.

An Idea for Christmas:

spend Christmas experiencing a traditional Christmas

in your country of choice.  With… or without… language lessons.

Appreciate the cultural differences while they still exist.®

*** In order to help you,

We need to know the:

  • Age of the child/ren or pre-teens?
  • How many adults?
  • Preferred Accommodations: (homestay, hotel, apartment)?
  • Language of interest?
  • Country of interest?
  • Dates?
  • Length of Stay?
  • Will everyone be taking language lessons?  (not necessary)
  • What level/s are you?
  • If you are not interested in language lessons, what do you want to do?
  • What are your interests?

The more information you provide ….


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