Application Form

This is a follow up to the information that was e-mailed previously.
It is the Application Form for the Programs in Cuba.

Individuals & Couples
Note that there is a strong demand for Cuba.  We suggest getting the applications in early.  If you send in the deposit and later change your mind about the date or program, as long as you give notice at least five (5) weeks in advance, you will not lose the deposit.  It will be applied to your future program.

We will have the costs for groups ready in a couple of days.



Links to information on all programs are
BELOW.  Scroll down.

FLSAS offers
foreign language & cultural immersion
programs in 40+ countries.

This e-mail focuses on Cuba  See Below for all options.

More (8 total)
Educational & Cultural
Options for Cuba

. individuals or small groups .


1. It is now possible
to fly to Cuba directly from cities in the U.S.
It is completely legal.

2. However, you cannot go to Cuba as a tourist;
you have to go for cultural or educational purposes.
FLSAS has a few programs that meet the requirements.

FLSAS / Foreign Language & Cultural Immersion
has six
(or 8, depending on how you count them)
cultural / educational options
to meet the requirements for travel to Cuba.
They are available immediately.

Cultural and /or Language Immersion
in Cuba

WITH or WITHOUT Language Classes

♦ open to individuals or small groups 

♦ request itineraries and / or costs 

6 (or 8) options

1. One Week Cultural Program
for individual / couples

2. Two Week Cultural Program
for individual / couples
a. ► Language Lessons in the morning +
Organized  Cultural Activity in the afternoon
Morning (you plan your own cultural activities) +
Organized Cultural Activity in the Afternoon
► Morning (you plan your own cultural activities)
with your personal guide  (extra charge for personal guide)
+ Organized Cultural Activity in the Afternoon

3. Spanish Language Classes
► Private Lessons or Group Classes
Afternoon Cultural Activities

  4. 100% Total Language Immersion
► Live in the Home of Your Language Teacher
(yes, even in Cuba)
► Cultural & Language Learning Experience

5. 100% Cultural Immersion
► Private HomeStays –
experience contemporary Cuban culture

(yes, even in Cuba)
True Cultural Experience

6. Special Interests
► Do you have any special interest
that you would like to pursue?

► Art, Music, Dance, Cooking
► Ask, maybe it can be arranged.
For individuals & groups.

accommodation – private homes
a true cultural experience
►Havana: in a private home / family
►Out of Havana: in a private tourist home
►Other options might be available: Residence, Apt but not major hotels.


  • 786-216-7302