Arranging Airfare to Cuba (legally) from cities in the U.S.


There is much confusion over this.


– North Americans are now permitted to fly from the United States, from cities in the U.S., directly to Cuba.  It is possible and legal.  There is no need to go through another country.

– American, United, Delta, and other carriers, already regularly fly to Cuba from cities like Miami, Houston, Tampa, Atlanta, etc.  Even though they are regularly scheduled flights, they are still categorized as “Charters” and the flights do not show up on line and the tickets cannot be purchased on line.  That will change at some time in the future (politics).

– For right now, to make arrangements to fly to Cuba from the U.S., you need to go through a travel agent.  You also need to be doing something that is permitted by the Department of State.  You must be in some accepted program or tour.  You cannot just go to Cuba to travel around, hang out or go to resorts.

– For airfare for programs in Cuba, FLSAS will be working with Sojourn Travel Consultants in Miami.  It is an agency with 20 years experience and a good deal of experience sending people to Cuba.  If you find another agent, that is OK too.


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